Replacement Stylus Nubs for the Dockem 14cm Styli

5 pack of replacement mesh stylus tips for the Dockem Executive stylus pen. We took the stylus nubs from our best-selling microfiber stylus and made a few minor tweaks that offer some major improvements in durability and functionality that we think you’ll love.
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  • Dual construction ultra-sensitive micro-fiber knit capacitive stylus tips

    Built-in durable metal base makes removing and replacing a breeze

    Simply screw off the old tip and screw on the new tip. Metal base makes gripping the tip easy

    8mm diameter tip compatible with all capacitive touchscreens including those on Apple, Android, and Windows devices

  • Completely redesigned metal base: We’ve added an entirely new metal base which holds the mesh nub and adds 2 important advantages. 1- it makes the stylus more durable because more of the nub is protected by the metal pocket created by the base. 2 - when you do finally run your stylus nub into the ground, the metal base makes replacement a cinch. It’s wide enough to make it easy to grip and unscrew the whole stylus nub, and you can simply screw a new one on.

    Dual Material Construction: The stylus tip is constructed of a conductive rubber base with an ultra-conductive smooth-glide microfiber cloth stretched over it. This dual material construction provides the ultimate touchscreen experience. The rubber provides structure while remaining flexible and soft to the touch, and the microfiber knit coating allows the stylus tip to glide smoothly over any touchscreen. Once you use one, you’ll never want to go back you your standard rubber tip.

    Contents: 5 Replacement Stylus Nubs.

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