Executive Sleeve - Premium Synthetic Leather with Microfiber Lining - MacBooks

This is one of the simplest and most professional looking cases for your MacBook. We offer sleeves for the MacBook Pro 13 Inch (2016, 2017, 2018), MacBook 12, and MacBook Air 13 Retina.

The deep dark brown gives an elegant look and feel while the simplicity of this case is unrivaled. There is nothing super-fancy about it - it is just a basic synthetic leather sleeve with a premium look and feel. The thin synthetic leather is about 2mm thick, providing just enough padding to protect your phone from minor drops and bumps while you throw it into your pocket, handbag, briefcase, or backpack, without adding a lot of bulk.

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  • Dark brown premium synthetic leather provides an elegant, professional look and feel. 2 mm thick padding provides enough protection from bumps, scratches and dust without adding a lot of bulk

    Easy slide in and out; not too tight, not too loose; Lined with soft microfiber felt that prevents dust build up and helps clean the screen as you slide the phone in and out

    Designed only for use with the naked phone, screen protectors are OK (it will be too tight if you have any other cases on your phone)

    Simplicity by design: Clean, smooth finish without any clasps, buckles, bands, or other annoying protrusions that get in the way or break

  • How it works: The device is held into the case simply by friction - so no need to worry about breaking any buckles, snaps, or clasps.

    Compatibility: This sleeve is designed for the naked smartphone. screen protectors are OK (it will be too tight if you have any other cases on your phone)

    Please Note: This is the "Padded" version of our case (the material provides some cushion). Also note that the material of this case is synthetic (faux leather). If you are looking for real, genuine leather, this is not the product for you. That said, we find it looks pretty darn good for the price, but we'll let you be the judge of that.

  • If you enjoy using your smartphone without a case but still want to protect it from minor bumps, drops, and scratches when not in use - or if you find that you remove your smartphone from it's case often, this is the case for you. If you are looking for a complicated product that does all sorts of fancy stands and flips, do not buy this. If you want a simple, beautiful sleeve for your smartphone that adds almost no bulk and maintains an ultra slim profile, this is the case for you. It is elegant and professional, yet incredibly easy to get your phone in and out, frustration free.

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