Executive Pen and Microfiber Stylus Replacement Ink

Pens are not included with this purchase. This is the sale of a 5 pack of replacement ink only. This is the same high-quality ink that comes with our 14 cm Executive Stylus Pens. These are replacement ink refill cartridges for the Dockem 14cm Stylus (for styli with product codes: “ST-14-G-Box” or “ST-14-Indiv”)


  • Style: Ballpoint, Medium Tips (1mm)

    Quantity: 5 pack

    Length: 67 mm

    Compatibility: Compatible with the Dockem 14 cm styli; item numbers “DCKMST14-GBX” or “DCKMST14”

    Packaging: Ink comes packaged in a small minimalist and recyclable cardboard envelope.

  • Easy installation: The stylus pen is held together simply by friction. Gently pull apart the two halves of the pen to expose the ink cartridges. Next, gently pull out the ink cartridge to be replaced, and insert the new one. Carefully push back together the two halves of the pen and you’re all set.

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