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Luxe Wallet Sleeve 2.0 with 4 Card Slots - iPhones

The Dockem Luxe Wallet Sleeve 2.0 is a highly functional yet attractive wallet style sleeve. The premium canvas twill style synthetic leather gives a sophisticated feel that provides a versatile look; it fits in with your casual jeans but also doesn't look out of place in a professional environment. 4 card slots make this case an incredibly functional item to add to any iPhone user's repertoire.

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  • Go Wallet-less: Free yourself from one more item in your pockets. In today's world with everything electronic and on your smartphone already, it's not as necessary to carry a whole wallet. Keep your driver's license or other ID and your favorite credit card right with your phone, and you're set for most situations!

    Easy in and out: This sleeve has an integrated pull tab, which eliminates any struggle in getting your phone out of the case. Just pull the tab, and your phone will eject about 2.5 cm out of the sleeve, allowing you to easily grasp and slide the phone out the rest of the way. The pull tab attaches discreetly to the back of the sleeve with small hidden integrated magnets. Note that if the strap is pulled all the way out, it can snag slightly during retraction. If this is an issue, we recommend pulling the tab only enough to get your phone out instead of pulling it all the way.

  • UNIQUE LOOK: Premium synthetic leather fabric with a canvas twill effect provides an elegant and professional look and feel; a versatile look that fits in with casual jeans and professional environments.

    4 CARD SLOTS: 4 separate wallet slots (2 on each side!) for carrying your most important cards, providing you the convenience to go wallet-less; Carry your ID, Driver's license, Access cards, Subway swipe, credit cards, debit cards, or even some cash! Ideal with 1 card per slot, but if needed, you can fit more, however the slots will loosen quicker with more cards. Thumb openings in the card slots allows quick access to the top card, frustration free.

    SLIM DESIGN: With 4 cards inserted, the sleeve and phone are still less than 20 mm thick - slimmer than a lot of wallets! If you enjoy using your phone without a traditional case but still want to protect it while not in use - or if you remove your iPhone from its case often, but want the convenience of carrying 4 cards with you at all times, this is the perfect choice for you.

  • This sleeve is designed specifically for the naked phone with no other case on your phone. Screen protectors are OK.

    Luxe V2 Wallet Sleeve Versions
    5.8" 6.1" 6.5"
    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro Max
    iPhone XS iPhone XR iPhone XS Max
    iPhone X iPhone 7 Plus
    iPhone 8 Plus

    Please double check your phone model!
    There are 3 versions of this sleeve. Please be sure you are selecting the correct version for your iPhone prior to adding it to your cart.
    1. The simplest method for checking your iPhone model is to launch the iOS Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to General > About > Model Name

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