Provincial Wallet Sleeve with 2 Card Slots - iPhones

2 Card Slots
Slim Design
Easy Access Pull-Tab
Vintage Brown
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Provincial Wallet Sleeve
Card-less transactions have become the norm, so why do you still lug a wallet around? You don’t need it anymore, yet you keep it - a lumpy mass hogging space in bags and pants. Cut the clutter, free your space, and go wallet-less. With two card slots on our wallet sleeve you have convenience at your fingertips. Keep your essentials with you at all times. Your access card, your license - whatever you need and wherever you go, your essentials will go too.
An easy day, a simple life, a calming rest at home. Those comforts start here. We provide phone cases, wall mounts, chargers, and more, all designed to make life easier. Customize your space, without breaking the bank.
Quick Specs
Premium Vintage Style Synthetic Leather
Easy Operation:
Integrated pull-tab for easy access
Only 14 mm
Vintage brown
Best for:
Elegant and professional
Best for:
2 card slots, good protection
  • Pull-Tab for Easy Access
    This sleeve has an integrated pull tab, which eliminates any struggle in getting your phone out of the case. Just pull the tab, and your phone will eject about 2.5 cm out of the sleeve, allowing you to easily grasp and slide the phone out the rest of the way. The pull tab attaches discreetly to the back of the sleeve with small hidden integrated magnets.
  • Slim and Sleek Design
    Our card sleeve for your iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 Pro, keeps a slim profile, even with cards inside. Space inside your bags and pockets are limited, so don't forfeit more than you need.
    With 2 cards inserted, the sleeve and phone are still less than 14 mm thick. If you enjoy using your phone without a traditional case but still want to protect it while not in use
  • No Compromise on Style
    You know your iPhone looks great on its own, but of course you want to keep it safe. Don't lock it behind bulky, plastic cases anymore. Protect your phone in our sleeve and let its natural beauty shine.
  • Microfiber Lined
    Front and back, side to side, our sleeve is microfiber-lined all on the inside. Prevent against scratches and keep fingerprints off your screen and your phone will look clean every time you go to use it.
  • Keep the Day 1 Look
    Your iPhone is beautiful, so don't hide it behind bulky, plastic cases. With our microfiber-lined card sleeve you can protect your phone, keep it clean, and let it live naked and free. You'll get to keep that out-of-the-box look, from Day 1.
6 Month Warranty
All of our products are covered by a standard 6-month warranty with the option to register for an extension.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Leonard Michelman
It is the best price to fit my phone with a bumper.

I bought this item iphone 8plus case on 5-1-19. It fits iPhone xR + a bumper fine. I replaced it on 10-31-22 The life without peeling corners is 3yrs 6 mo. It is the best price to fit my phone with a bumper.

Shawn F
Excellent build quality and materials

Excellent build quality and materials. Phone fits perfectly.

S. Frierson
The product is wonderful.

The product is wonderful. it was packaged nicely and shipped pretty fast. No complaints here.

Perhaps a better option if you use a smartwatch

I am sure this would be a better product for someone that uses there phone differently than me, and/or has a smartwatch. I forgot how much I rely on my phone for notifications and time. I would love to be able to leave this case in my front pocket and be able to slide the phone in and out of it without pulling the whole thing out of my pocket to remove the phone, which simple is too labor intensive for the number of times I do this in a day.

Vincent Liviola
Awesome Wallet

This is such a sweet perfect little compliment for my phone. I dislike carrying a wallet so this is perfect for a driver's license and a credit card or possibly two. I have switched it from one phone to another multiple times and the adhesive seems to hold up very well. The only minor gripe I have is that using the second card slot impedes me from using my fingerprint scanner as it blocks a portion of it. But, the first slot is big enough to hold both my license and debit without any issues.

Highly recommended.

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