Google Pixel 7 Pro Flip Removable Card Case [Black]

Wireless Charging
Minimalist Removable Flap Wallet
Liquid Silicone / Synthetic Leather
360 degree protection
Quality construction

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The Shell:
  •    Durable Liquid Silicone shell provides the protection you need and a luxurious feel in hand without the extra bulk
  •    360 degree coverage and just enough lip to protect your screen without getting in the way

The Wallet:
  •    The specially designed minimalist flip wallet is ultra-thin and completely and easily removable, leaving your phone thin enough to wirelessly charge
  •    Magnets shielded by metal plates hold the wallet together while protecting your cards
  •    2 pockets hold a maximum of 4 cards (1-2 in each pocket) while maintaining a slim profile whether in use or empty
  •    Premium canvas twill style synthetic leather on the pockets gives a sophisticated feel that provides a versatile look and comfortable grip

Tactile Buttons:
Get the satisfaction of clicking buttons with our quality tactile buttons
Camera Protection:
Fully covered camera bump to safely protect your camera

2 Pocket Removable Wallet:
The removable flip wallet contains 2 pockets on it to hold 1-2 cards each. In a pinch, a folded bill or 2 can also be stored in any of the pockets, or sandwiched inside the 2 flap

Shielded Magnets:
Magnets shielded by metal plates hold the wallet together while protecting your cards

Impromptu Kickstand:
Flip the wallet out when viewing and it makes for a great impromptu kickstand!

Raised Lip:
Get 1 mm lip protects your screen from damage when laying face down
360° Protection:
All edges covered with precise cut-outs for the port and speakers

Thin Yet Rugged:
The liquid silicone shell offers a thin profile while providing durable shock protection as well as a luxurious feel in hand that's soft with just the right amount of grip
U.S. Patent No. 8,381,904
  • Slim:
    • Only 16.5 mm thick without cards (about .5 in)
    • Only 18 mm thick with 2 cards (about .5 in)
    • Only 2.2 oz (about 45g)
  • Wireless Charging:
    • The specially designed flip wallet slides easily in and out of the integrated pocket.
    • When removed, your phone is thin enough to wirelessly charge. If any issues, check your charger specs.
6 Month Warranty
All of our products are covered by a standard 6-month warranty with the option to register for an extension.

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