Slim Leather Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus - Vintage Brown

Go Wallet-less: Free yourself from one more item in your pockets. In today's world with everything electronic and on your smartphone already, it's not as necessary to carry a whole wallet. Keep your driver's license or other ID and your favorite 2nd card right with your phone, and you're set for most situations!

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Stretch the pockets: The pockets of this case may be too tight for your preference when you first receive the case. If so, we recommend using a pen or similar object to stretch the pockets, allowing for easier insertion and removal of cards.

Please Note: This case does not extend significantly beyond the level of the screen so that it does not significantly protect the screen if the phone is laying face down (or dropped directly on the screen). We highly recommend using a solid screen protector with this case. While this case does provide some protection, please be reasonable with your expectations. This is not a heavy-duty case and is meant to protect only from scratches, minor bumps, and minor drops.


U.S. Patent No. 8,381,904

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