iPhone 13 Pro Fabric M2F Card Case [Light Brown]

Stitched-on Pockets
2 Integrated Card Slots
Ultra Soft Fabric / Genuine Leather
Slim / Lightweight
Tactile Metal Buttons
Built-in Metal Plate for Magnetic Mounting

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M2F Fabric Wallet Case

Premium Quality Materials

Tough polycarbonate shell neatly wrapped in a thin, super durable, soft to the touch fabric with 2 stitched-on genuine leather card/ID pockets. Each case is meticulously wrapped in a carefully sourced, soft-to-the-touch yet durable fabric that feels great in the hand.

The Shell:

For the shell, we used premium fabric chosen specifically for its ability to resist wear and tear.

The Pockets:

The pockets are constructed of a stunning premium genuine leather that creates the perfect accompaniment.

Quick Specs
Stitched-on Pockets
2 pockets stitched directly to the case
360° Protection
All edges covered with precise cut-outs for the port and speakers
Buttons/Camera Ring:
Tactile metal buttons / heavy-duty matching metal camera ring
Only 13 mm without cards and 14.5 mm with 2 cards / Only 1.3 oz
Quality Construction:
Ultra soft fabric shell / genuine leather pockets
2 Integrated Card Slots
2 genuine leather card slots


U.S. Patent No. 8,381,904


    • Get the satisfaction of clicking real buttons with our high quality metal buttons
    • Heavy-duty matching metal camera ring with a raised edge for the ultimate camera protection
    • Only 13 mm thick without cards (about .5 in)
    • Only 14.5 mm thick with 2 cards (about .5 in)
    • Only 1.3 oz (about 45g)
    • 1 mm lip protects your screen from damage when laying face down
    • All edges covered with precise cut-outs for the port and speakers
    • No more messy adhesive pockets or loose, bulky flaps. The 2 pockets are stitched directly to the case, for the ultimate combination of minimalism, durability, and aesthetics
    • Not Ideal for Wireless Charging.
    • Not designed for use with Apple's charging base.
    • The metal plate in the case is located above the wireless charging hardware, but could also theoretically interfere with wireless charging on larger charging bases if the plate is too close to the coils or sensors in the base
    • While there's nothing in the case to block wireless charging, the distance created by the case causes a less than stellar wireless charge or none at all (depending on the charger)
    • So plug it in... it charges a whole lot faster anyhow!
    • The feature that truly sets Dockem cases apart. 
    • IMPORTANT: This is a metal plate, not a magnet itself.
    • Located at the top of the phone. Away from wireless charging and your cards.
    • Due to the location of the plate, a strong magnetic mount is required to work well (like our Magno Mount V3s).
    • We used a thicker metal plate then comes standard with most magnetic mounts. Which means it provides a stronger hold.
    • The plate is located closer to the surface of the case than you can get by simply adding an aftermarket plate underneath, exponentially increasing the strength of the hold.
    • If you don't use magnetic mounting, you won't notice it's there! It's completely hidden and doesn't interfere with any phone functions.
6 Month Warranty
All of our products are covered by a standard 6-month warranty with the option to register for an extension.

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