Minima Wallet Sleeve - Ultra Slim Synthetic/Vegan Leather Wallet Sleeve with Card Slot

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  • Elegant, Slim, and Convenient.

    Keep your iPhone safe from scratches and your cards secure in our slimmest synthetic leather wallet sleeve.

    Ultra-Slim with Unique Flat Stitch Seam

    The synthetic leather on our sleeve has a slight stretch, is soft to the touch, lined with soft microfiber, and most importantly, is ultra thin at about 1mm thick.

    We've enhanced the slim form of this sleeve by stitching it with a unique flat stitch down the center of the sleeve, rather than stitches down either side, which accomplishes 2 things:

    Eliminates excess width caused on most sleeves by seams on the edges of the phone
    Keeps the seams from accidentally applying pressure to the buttons

    • Easy in and out without bulky straps
      Instead of using straps and pull tabs, we've chosen to keep this sleeve super minimal to eliminate any excess bulk and to increase durability. To remove your iPhone easily, simply push up from the bottom (through the sleeve) with your thumb while gripping the sides. With this technique, you can project the phone a few centimeters, allowing for easy removal.

      Securely holds 1-2 cards
      The pocket is specially designed to slightly grip your cards, so that even when you take your phone out, the cards will stay put Up to 2 cards can easily fit into the pocket, but don't expect more than that. This is a

    • Minima Wallet Sleeve Versions
      5.8" 6.1" 6.5"
      iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro Max
      iPhone XS iPhone XR iPhone XS Max
      iPhone X iPhone 7 Plus
      iPhone 8 Plus

      Please double check your phone model!
      There are 3 versions of this sleeve. Please be sure you are selecting the correct version for your iPhone prior to adding it to your cart.
      1. The simplest method for checking your iPhone model is to launch the iOS Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to General > About > Model Name

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    frank buzzanca
    I wish all companies were this professional and prompt.

    I wish all companies were this professional and prompt.

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