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Luxe M2T Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus

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A highly functional and attractive wallet case that combines a durable, flex TPU frame with a slim 2 card slot design and a built-in metal plate for magnetic mounting. The twill canvas style synthetic leather gives a sophisticated feel that provides a versatile look.

Magnetic Mounting? Part of our M-Series Cases that has a metal plate seamlessly integrated into it for an ideal magnetic mounting experience. The plate was designed for use with Dockem's Magno Mount V3 series and up, but can work with other mounts if they have strong enough magnets and the magnets are positioned correctly. The plate is completely hidden from sight so you won't know it's there!

The metal plate is not a magnet itself. It's a type of metal that is attracted to magnets used in magnetic mounts. The plate doesn't interfere with your phone's functionality. Wireless charging, reception, WiFi, navigation, and all essential phone functions will be unaffected.

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