Slim Canvas Style Wallet Sleeve for Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ & S8 / S8+

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Unique Look
2 card slots
Slim Design
Easy-in & out
Black and Grey

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Luxe Wallet Sleeve
The Dockem Card Sleeve is a highly functional yet attractive wallet style sleeve. The premium twill canvas style synthetic leather gives a sophisticated feel that provides a versatile look; it fits in with your casual jeans but also doesn't look out of place in a professional environment. With a card slot on both sides, the 2 card slots make this case an incredibly functional item to add to any smartphone user's repertoire.
Premium synthetic leather
Easy Operation:
Easy slide in and out
Only 15 mm
Best for:
Professional look and feel
Best for:
2 card slots, good protection
    • Premium synthetic leather fabric with a canvas twill effect provides an elegant and professional look and feel.
    • A versatile look that fits in with casual jeans and professional environments
    • Easy in and out: This sleeve leaves the top edge of your phone open, as well as 2 corners, so that you can easily grip the top of the phone to pull it out. The sleeve is lined with soft microfiber to help keep your screen clean.
    • 2 separate wallet slots (1 on each side!) for carrying your most important cards, providing you the convenience to go wallet-less.
    • Carry your ID, Driver's license, Access cards, Subway swipe, credit cards, debit cards, or even some cash!
    • Ideal with 1 card per slot, but if needed, you can fit more, however the slots will loosen quicker with more cards.
    • Thumb openings in the card slots allows quick access to the top card, frustration free.
    • With 2 cards inserted, the sleeve and phone are still less than 15 mm thick - slimmer than a lot of wallets!
    • If you enjoy using your phone without a traditional case but still want to protect it while not in use - or if you remove your phone from its case often, but want the convenience of carrying 2 cards with you at all times, this is the perfect choice for you.
6 Month Warranty
All of our products are covered by a standard 6-month warranty with the option to register for an extension.

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