Koala Mount 2.0 for Smartphones; Universal Wall Mount

2 Setup Options Included
Wide Range of Compatibility
Accessible Ports
Bult-in Cord Clips
Perfect for Bedside & Headboard
Mount Color
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Koala Mount 2.0
The Koala Mount 2.0 consists of two small, sturdy plastic brackets that are set up on the wall independently, allowing you to space them out as needed for your specific device and orientation. The 2 brackets gently cradle your device, which rests in the pocket created, utilizing gravity to hold it in place.
Multi-Surface, Dual-Optioned Mounting: Included with your purchase are two mounting options: 3M Command Strips and Screws / Anchors. The strips allow for damage free setup and removal, require no tools, and adhere to most smooth, flat surfaces. The screws and anchors are ideal for more heavy-duty needs and will secure your mount to rougher, tougher surfaces.
Quick Specs
ABS plastic brackets
Easy Instalation:
Incredibly easy-to-follow instalation instructions
2 Setup Options:
Damage-free adhesive 3M strips or screws
Black or white
Compatible Thickness(Up To):
13 mm or less
Best for:
Bedside, headboard, kitchen, and much more

    • The use of two sturdy, independent plastic brackets means its width conforms to your needs. Whether mounting in portrait or landscape mode our mount will match the width you need. The brackets form a 13 mm thick pocket, more than thick enough for most devices.

    No Fallen Cords, No Covered Buttons
    • With built in cord clips and precise side cut-outs the Koala Mount 2.0 doesn't compromise your device's functionality. You'll be able to charge, power on, and adjust the volume of your device all while in the mount. When you're ready to take it out again, the cord-clips are there to keep your charger in place.
    • The Koala Mount 2.0 comes with spacer pads designed to discreetly fill extra space between your device and the brackets, creating a tighter fit. This allows for skinnier devices to fit safely and securely.
    • Can be set up to accommodate most devices in either portrait or landscape mode. Be sure to double check port access using the dimensions given in the "Compatibility" section.
    • Make it Permanent: If you are looking for a secure, permanent mount from which a device cannot be removed, you can use 2 sets of Koala Mount 2.0 brackets to lock in a device by attaching the 2nd set of brackets with Command strips.
  • Package Contents
    • 2 ABS plastic brackets
    • 2 self-drilling drywall anchors
    • 4 screws
    • 2 Large Command strips
    • Surface prep pad
    • 8 spacer pads
    • Instructions
6 Month Warranty
All of our products are covered by a standard 6-month warranty with the option to register for an extension.

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