Felt Wallet Sleeve with 2 Synthetic Leather Card Pockets - iPhones

Designed to keep your phone protected and your cards secure. Our felt sleeve comes in two unique styles: Black synthetic leather wallet on a black felt sleeve or Brown synthetic leather on a grey felt sleeve. Your choice, for your style.
Black & Black
Grey & Brown
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  • Premium felt and vintage style synthetic leather provides an elegant and professional look and feel

    2 separate card slots for carrying your 2 most important cards, allowing you to go wallet-less when necessary or convenient; Carry your ID and favorite credit card so you have the essentials for most situations

    Durable felt pouch provides protection, scratch and shock resistance

    Ultra-slim; with 2 cards inserted, the case and phone are still less than 16 mm thick

    Easy to get your device in and out - simply push up through the felt from the bottom to protrude your phone making it easy to grip and slide out easily

  • The Dockem Felt Card Sleeve for iPhone is a highly functional yet attractive wallet style sleeve. The premium felt pouch with elegant synthetic leather card slots gives a sophisticated feel that provides a versatile look; it fits in with your casual jeans but also doesn't look out of place in a professional environment. A card slot on each side make this case an incredibly functional item to add to any iPhone user's repertoire.

    Go Wallet-less: Free yourself from one more item in your pockets. In today's world with everything electronic and on your smartphone already, it's not as necessary to carry a whole wallet. Keep your driver's license or other ID and your favorite credit card right with your phone, and you're set for most situations!

    Easy in and out: To remove your device from the sleeve, simply press up on the bottom with your finger, which will make the device protrude enough to grip and pull out easily. Note that the sleeve will fit tight at first, and will form to a comfortable fit after a few days use.

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