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DashPro Magno Mount 3.0 Series: Magnetic Car Mount for Dash with Suction Base and Long Range Adjustable Extension Arm

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  • The Magno Mount 3.0 Series DashPro Mount is a unique smartphone dashboard mounting solution that provides best-in-class holding power for complete stability in all road conditions. The magnetic head utilizes extra-strength magnets to ensure a secure grip with our included metal plates while the gel suction cup base stays stuck to your dashboard.

    Its adjustable extension arm allows versatile angle adjustments so you can easily mount, customize, and fine tune the placement of your device to provide the safest sight line for you.

    The Qi Advantage: Most magnet mounts require your metal plate to be in the middle of your phone which interferes with Qi Wireless Charging. Not the Magno Mount 3.0. The magnetic head is specifically designed to provide extra magnetic hold and grip so you can position the plates at the top of your phone, free and clear of the wireless charging hardware in your phone. So you can use your phone with any wireless charger.

  • Gel Suction Cup Base
    The DashPro stays safely on your dashboard thanks to its gel suction cup. It mounts easily to most dashboard surfaces (must be relatively flat) with no added adhesives or stickers.
    Removal is easy too, and if the gel gets dirty when you remove it, wipe it clean with warm water and allow it to dry to get it back to new.

    Easy Removal Tip
    The extra-strength magnets are used to keep your phone securely on the mount. This can make it difficult to pull the phone directly away from the mount. Always twist the bottom up first, then pull the phone away from the mount. Pulling the phone away directly will put stress on the mount and can damage it. Removal is quick and easy when done this way and will keep your mount safe.

    Won't Interfere with Qi Wireless Charging
    In most scenarios, magnetic plates placed at the middle of a device provide the most stable hold. What many people don’t realize, however, is that placing the plate in the middle of a device also blocks wireless charging.
    Our solution to this problem was to make the Magno Mount 3.0 extra strong, so that the location of the plate on the device no longer matters. This allows the plate to be placed at the top of your phone and still provide a secure hold without interfering with wireless charging.

    Micro Metal Plates
    Small and sleek, they attach to the outside of your phone or case with a very strong 3M adhesive. They are meant to be left exposed, so we included 1 in a sleek black finish and 1 in an elegant brushed nickel finish (peel off the blue film).
    With our custom magnetic mounting head, these plates keep your device from twisting while providing strong magnetic adhesion. With the smaller footprint, these can be placed toward the top of most phones so that they don't interfere with wireless charging, and/or placed above the camera module.
    Dimensions: 12 x 40 mm

    Mid-Size Metal Plate Each mount also comes with 1 mid-size metal plate for placement between the phone and case. It is slightly thicker than most plates, providing a stronger hold.
    A smaller footprint allows placement towards the top of the phone on some models without interfering with Qi charging (i.e. to the right of the camera on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR). Note that magnetic strength will be highly dependent on your case thickness.
    Dimensions: 35 x 45 mm


    • Mid-Size Metal Plate
    • 2 Micro Plates
    • Ball Joint Washer
    • Magno Mount 3.0 Magnetic Head
    • Alcohol Prep Pad
    • DashPro Mount
  • Available for most new iPhones and Galaxy phones; iPhone XS/X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The M-Series cases come in a variety of styles and colors (any of our cases with M1, M2, or M2T in the name).

    Dockem M-Series Cases (Sold Separately)
    Our Dockem M-Series cases (sold separately) have an integrated metal plate designed specifically to be compatible with the Magno Mount 3.0 series. They provide the best overall solution with a super strong hold, invisible integration, and no interference with wireless charging.

    Limitations: It may not adhere properly to soft vinyl or leather dashboards, silicone, or rubberized surfaces.

    If mounting in a car, allow to cool prior to use after sitting in a hot car.

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