LED Light Up Micro USB Cable for Smartphones, Tablets, and other Electronics Accessories

You know that feeling when you swing your arm around, blindly grasping at a cable that should be there, that you know is there, but you just can't find? With our light-up Micro-USB cable, you'll never have to worry about that again. The bright LED light will make sure you never lose your cable in the dark again. Please note: The LED light is always on, even when plugged into your device.

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  • Bright steady white LED in the head of the cable helps you locate your cord and device in the dark, also serves as a mini nightlight

    Flat cable reduces stressful tangles

    Works with any standard USB charging adapter or any computer USB port

    Makes a great bedside companion to the Dockem or Koala Smartphone & Tablet Wall Mounts - perfect for the nightstand or next to the bed

  • Extra Length: This cable is a full 3 meters long, making it convenient options in places where your outlet is simply too far away for a normal cable to be convenient. Great for hotels where you never know where the outlet is going to be located.

    Find your cable in the dark: While this LED cable is cool to use anywhere, where many people truly find it useful is in the bedroom. With the brightly glowing LED in the micro USB end, this cable will allow you to turn the lights out before hopping into bed without leaving you to fumble all over for your charger. The light will not only help you find your cable in the dark, but will also help you plug it into your device.

    Light Stays On: Please note that the LED does not turn on and off, but instead is on as long as the large USB end is plugged into a power source. That said, if you are sensitive to light while sleeping, you will need to put the cable out of sight or covered as it is rather bright in a dark room.

    Flat Cable Design: The flat cable design (sometimes called “noodle” or “linguine” style) is perfect for reducing stressful tangles. This popular new cable style truly helps to reduce the annoying tangles and knots that you’ve most certainly experienced with your typical round cables.

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I just opened it the other day. It doesn’t fit in my IPhone 11. It seems too thick.

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