Koala Damage-Free Wall Mount for iPads & Tablets - Adhesive Version

Damage-Free Setup
Wide Range of Compatibility
Accessible Ports
Bult-in Cord Clips
Perfect for Bedside & Headboard
Mount Color
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Koala Mount
The Koala Tablet Wall Mount is the perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality, and affordability in a damage-free tablet mounting system. Perfect for storing, charging, and viewing your device in the kitchen, bedroom, gym, bathroom, office, or anywhere else around your home, apartment, dorm, or office.
How does it work? The Koala Mount consists of two small, sturdy plastic brackets that gently cradle your device. Designed to be used with 3M Command Strips (included) which provide a truly hassle-free mounting experience. The strips are rated to hold up to 5 lbs each (far more than any tablet). To remove, the strips can simply be stretched off without causing any damage.
Quick Specs
ABS plastic brackets
Easy Instalation:
Incredibly easy-to-follow instalation instructions
Damage-free adhesive 3M strips
Black, white, or chrome
11 mm or less
Best for:
Bedside, headboard, kitchen, and much more

  • Universal Compatibility
    • The use of two sturdy, independent plastic brackets means its width conforms to your needs. Whether mounting in portrait or landscape mode our mount will match the width you need. Any tablet/case combination that is 11 mm thick or less will fit into the Koala Mount. If your device (with or without a case) is thicker than 11 mm, see our Koala Mount 2.0
  • Simple Setup and Damage-free Removal
    • Attaches with 3M Command Adhesive Strips, so no screws and no damage to your wall/mounting surface. They can be moved from one location to another (new strips required if removing). Setup and removal is simple and takes minutes, with no tools required.
    • IMPORTANT: Not intended for areas exposed to heat or moisture (like a bathroom with a shower/bathtub), there are special Water/Heat Resistant Strips for that. They're also not designed to work on textured surfaces or wallpapers.
  • No Fallen Cords; Hidden Command Tabs
    • Built-In clips keep your cord off the floor and conveniently hold your cord in place when you're ready to use it again.
    • The Koala Mount was specifically designed with a slot at the top to conveniently hide the Command Strip tab (the rounded end that doesn't have adhesive on it). Tuck it into the slot and it's completely hidden until you need it. Easily fish it out when the time comes.
    No Covered Buttons
    • Precise cut-outs ensure full functionality on most devices. You'll be able to charge, power up, and adjust the volume of your device all while in the mount.
    • Note: While it does fit most popular tablets, the bracket supports can block ports/buttons on either side between 1.5 - 3.75 inches up from the bottom (7-8" tablets, like the iPad Mini may have blocked ports in landscape mode - see our Koala Mount 2.0 if this may be an issue).
  • Package Contents
    • 2 ABS plastic brackets
    • 2 Large 3M Command Strips
    • Surface prep pad
    • Instructions
6 Month Warranty
All of our products are covered by a standard 6-month warranty with the option to register for an extension.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Christopher Molina
Great product

My Koala Mount works great! Exactly what I was looking for. I scoured the internet looking for something like this, even researching 3D printing options but this was it! Mounting is easy and self explanatory and adjusts to your specific device. Thank you so much!

Jordan Thomas

The pads i was sent fell off immediately without any weight on them anyway

Does What It Says

I ordered this to mount a tablet to the fridge door to keep track of freezer items and a grocery list. The door has a textured surface, the adhesive mounted solid even though they recommend only mounting on smooth surfaces. Good price, quick delivery, great little mount.

Wall mount Koala

We bought Wall mount Koala and tried to install samsung tablet A ( SM-T355Y) in landscape fashion inside the mount. By doing so, we are not able to connect the charging cord into the samsung tablet socket. The clip is obstructing the cord connection. Please suggest a way out.

Wall mount = super handy

A brilliant product for the money, that is super easy to install. It's well made and holding up well. Love it!!!

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