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USB-C Cable with Blue LED - 2 Meters, Nylon Black with blue LED

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Durable Fabric Cable Construction: This cable is covered in a solid black braided knit fabric that provides a whole new level of durability and adds a unique touch and feel. Combined with the blue LED, this cable makes a slick impression (while also being incredibly useful).

No More Fumbling For your Cable in the Dark: While this lighted cable is fun to use anywhere, where it truly shines is in the bedroom. With its brightly glowing blue LED, this cable allows you to turn the lights out before you hop into bed without worrying about fumbling for your charger to plug in your device for the night. The small LED light in the head of the cable will help you find the cable easily, and will also help you find the port on your device.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that the LED does not turn off unless unplugged. When plugged into a device some light will still be visible, so if you are very sensitive to light while sleeping, you may need to put the cable out of sight or covered.

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