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USB Type C Charging Cable with Smart Auto-Off LED Light; 2 meter [6.6ft] - Heavy Duty Braided Fabric, Black and White

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Durable Fabric Cable Construction: This cable is covered in a braided knit fabric that provides a whole new level of durability and adds a unique touch and feel.


Smart LED light with Auto-off feature: We've labored to perfect the function of the LED in this cable to work how we've always thought an LED cable should work; minimal effort combined with minimal distraction. The LED is on only when the USB-C end is not plugged into a device. This helps you to locate your cord in the dark and also helps locate and orient it properly into your charging port. As soon as the cable is plugged into your device, the LED turns off automatically and stays off until you unplug it. Even when your device is fully charged, the light stays off so it doesn't disturb your sleep.


Perfect For Use with smartphone and tablet wall mounts: With your cord safely stored in your dock's cord holder, the light up head makes it super easy to find your dock in the dark, and also super easy to find the charging port on your device.

Backed by Dockem's USA Based Customer Support and Quality Guarantee: Customer satisfaction means the world to us. As with all of our products, we offer quick, professional, and hassle-free support. Should anything go wrong, we're here to help and to resolve it in the most convenient manner possible.

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