iPhone 12 mini BIO M2B Wallet Case

1 Card Holder Slot
Friendlier Materials
Comfortable / Protective
Magnetic Mounting
Easy Snap-on Shell
Black & Tan
Grey & Black
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BIO M2B Wallet Case
The Better Choice: Friendlier Materials Combined into a Sleek, Protective, Versatile Case
We don't expect you to bury this case in the garden, but we made every effort to choose practical materials that provide the durability and protection you expect during normal use, but when exposed to the proper conditions, will break down faster than the standard plastic and 100% TPU compounds used in most phone cases today.
Quick Specs
Rubber-like feel with a matte textured finish
Built-In Metal Plate:
Next to the camera, above wireless charging and cards
Only 13 mm with 1 card
Grey & Black, Black and Tan
Quality Construction:
Embossed buttons and precise cutouts for easy operation
Best for:
1 card, best protection


U.S. Patent No. 8,381,904
The Shell
- Largely plant based, molded from a special corn based PLA (70%) and TPU polymer-blend
- Flexible material that isn't overly bulky while still providing significant shock protection. Feels great in hand with a smooth matte finish
- 360 degree coverage and just enough lip to protect your screen without getting in the way
The Pocket
- Primary material is a unique fabric constructed of 95% wood pulp and 5% adhesive
- Inner lining is a low molecular 210D Re-PET (recycled PET) fabric
- Pockets are stitched directly to the shell for maximum durability, rather than simply applied with adhesive
- 1 pocket hold a maximum of 1 card while maintaining a slim profile whether in use or empty
Other materials
- The integrated metal plate can be removed and recycled upon disposal
- The shell liner is a standard paper liner with no plastics
- Packaged in a special bag made of 10% PLA and 90% PBAT
    • Specially selected materials mean this case breaks down much faster than standard plastic, rubber, and synthetic PU or TPU materials
    • At only 14 mm thick (about .55 inches - without cards in it) this wallet case keeps your phone slim and easy to get out of your pocket.
    • Durable shell provides just enough cushion and a 1mm lip to protect your phone and the screen.
    • Stitched on slim card pockets provide card case functionality while adding minimal bulk. Holds 2 cards max.
    • Not designed for use with Apple's charging base
    • While there is nothing in middle of this case that would interfere with wireless charging, this case does add about 4 mm distance between your phone and the charger. We've found that this additional distance makes wireless charging with the iPhone 12 unreliable (unlike previous iPhone models)
    • The metal plate in the case is located above the wireless charging hardware, but could also theoretically interfere with wireless charging on larger charging bases if the plate is too close to the coils or sensors in the base
    • IMPORTANT: This is a metal plate, not a magnet itself.
    • Located at the top of the phone. Away from wireless charging and your cards.
    • Due to the location of the plate, a strong magnetic mount is required to work well (like our Magno Mount V3s).
    • We used a thicker metal plate then comes standard with most magnetic mounts. Which means it provides a stronger hold.
    • The plate is located closer to the surface of the case than you can get by simply adding an aftermarket plate underneath, exponentially increasing the strength of the hold.
    • If you don't use magnetic mounting, you won't notice it's there! It's completely hidden and doesn't interfere with any phone functions.
6 Month Warranty
All of our products are covered by a standard 6-month warranty with the option to register for an extension.

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