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DuoScreen Dual Monitor Tablet-to-Laptop Connector

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The DuoScreen is your productivity assistant, providing you a unique dual display with your laptop and tablet. With the addition of 3rd Party apps easily accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you are able to extend your laptop screen to your tablet as a 2nd monitor for a unique dual computing experience.

This product is not without limitations and experiences using the DuoScreen will vary depending on which tablet and laptop you use.

Please take the time to read our "Compatibility" and "Restrictions" sections below

  • Uses improved, high-quality neoprene gripping inserts that perform much better than the basic foam used on others currently on the market. Secures and grips devices much better.

    Ideal for increasing productivity while on the go, away from the office, library or studio. A must have for those used to a dual monitor display setup at their home-base office workstation.

    Connect your iPad or Android Tablet to the screen of your laptop for a unique new dual-display computing experience. Use 3rd party apps (not included) to extend your PC or Mac display and truly enhance productivity while at home or on the go

    Simple and easy to operate, small and lightweight form factor makes it easy to tuck away into your bag during travel.

    NOTE: Max thickness of either device should not exceed 10mm and the total combined thickness between your 2 devices should not exceed 20mm (about 3/4") or less. Designed to be attached to laptop screens and tablets without cases.

  • Compatible with most modern laptops and ultrabooks as well as most tablets and smartphones.

    Compatible devices include: MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Chromebook, and Lenovo laptops or ultrabooks. Also iPad 1/2/3/4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, Samsung Galaxy Tab/Note Tablets, Asus, Acer, and Lenovo Tablets. Size Restrictions Apply. Not Recommended for Devices Larger than 10.5 in. Please See More Restrictions Under The "Restirctions" Tab.

  • The design uses a no-hassle system that allows for a custom fit with a wide combination of devices. Simply hold the tablet up to the laptop screen with the DuoScreen between the two, then twist the lock mechanism until you achieve a secure hold.

    The DuoScreen has two sides: one for your laptop and one for your tablet. Each side can only fit a device that is no more than 10mm thick.

    The DuoScreen locks both sides in simultaneously. If one side is more than 10mm thick, the other side won't be able to grip the device. Because of this limitation, the DuoScreen is not recommended to be used with devices which have protective cases on them.

  • The maximum recommended thickness of the laptop and the mounted device added together should not exceed 20mm, and not recommended for use with devices over 10 mm thick.

    We do not suggest having cases on either device, as cases are generally too large for the DuoScreen.

    The DuoScreen may not properly support tablets with screen sizes over 10.5" and isn't designed for heavier 2nd monitors (max recommended weight 1.5 lbs). If you need more support for your device, two DuoScreens can be used.

    The DuoScreen is very useful and effective when used properly. There is a lot it can do for you, but it is not perfect for everyone and every scenario. Here are a few things one DuoScreen can't do:

      Can't mount to desktop monitors. Can't mount to portable monitors. Can't hold devices that weigh over 1.5 lbs or are larger than 10.5 inches. Can't fit over large cases.
  • Acute Angles: When using the DuoScreen, the device that is attached to the laptop will be held at an acute angle. The angle at which it's held should be similar to the picture above, however, thicker laptop screens and ones with a more drastic curve on the edge can cause the angle to be more severe.

    The device you mount will not be parallel to your laptop screen.

    Blocked Screens: Most tablets and laptops have screens that reach close, or even all the way, to the borders of the device. Since the DuoScreen clips onto the sides of your devices, it can block parts of your screen.

    The DuoScreen will extend 18mm from the edge of both devices. This will likely block some portions of the screen. If you are not OK with this, this is not the product for you.

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